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April 12th 2019
Mighty Music





"It’s that perfect balance of beauty with aggression that makes the genre as special as it is, and it’s one of the best Melodic Death Metal albums I’ve heard this year so far." 9/10

-Metal Temple

"It is very rare to experience a band that is so successful across genres. "Solipsis" is a true monolith, an opus, a real festive feast for the narrow-minded expressly averse metallers."

"Very entertaining, very solid, very varied. Highly recommended!"

Metal Hammer

"Without a doubt one of the symphonic death metal bands on which to count for the future!"

Metallian Mag

"The unpredictability of this release continues to amaze and beguile you through out this work of art, I really hope this Album gets the attention it rightly deserves and needs to be held high and loved for what it is…"

The Metal Gods Meltdown

"Xaon signs an album of great quality and blending brutality, orchestration and inspiration."

United Rock Nations

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